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Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

According to industry analysts, digital marketing departments are on track to catch and perhaps even overtake IT as the biggest direct technology spenders in the near future. In this new world of massively personalized marketing implemented via a multitude of new channels, it is critical that CMOs and marketing organizations with the mandate to deploy new digital marketing programs get qualified support from specialist technology consulting firms. A well designed and implemented digital marketing program can drive greater prospect conversion, increased customer retention, improved cross sell rates, enhanced loyalty and higher customer value, especially when used in conjunction with other systems and tools such as social/community strategy, mobile coupons, loyalty programs, price optimization, and others to implement an effective customer engagement continuum.

Marketing Domain Expertise
Our team has deep expertise in the entire multichannel marketing lifecycle and strong working knowledge of all of the basic and advanced components and processes that go into any effective marketing solution, including: •Audience segmentation
Campaign execution and campaign workflow
Event triggering .
•Multi-wave campaigns .
•Offer management .
• Predictive analytics .
•Campaign optimization .
•Creative management .
•Marketing resource management (MRM) .
•Web analytics
•Social integration

Services and Capabilities
•Analysis of the company’s digital marketing strategy and roadmap.
•Gap analysis and closure plan
•Technology research and independent product recommendations.
•Database design, data migration.
•Ongoing support.

Why work with Techhover's
•Vendor independent: Unbiased selection of best-of-breed tools and systems for the challenge at hand
•Seasoned technologists: Capable of integrating an optimal mix of systems and of implementing custom solutions for maximum competitive advantage
•Scale and speed: Get your marketing projects done on your schedule, unconstrained by internal IT
•Cost: Rely on the mix of onsite and remote resources for maximum value for your marketing dollars