About Us

Art of developing IT solutions for businesses and Art of building reliable partnerships

Techhover Infotech is a website/custom software development/App Development company based in Mumbai, Mumbai with development center located in India. We are a team of more than 100 software engineers, business analysts and designers developing software for ambitious startups as well as large international companies in the IT industry such as IBM and Deloitte. We master all levels of software complexity providing solutions on .NET, Java, PHP, iOS and Android. Seventy percent of our customers return to us with new projects because they enjoy the quality of the software we create and the level of professionalism our employees bring to the table.

Our CEO Words

IT is the circulatory system of nearly every business. If IT infrastructure equals the heart that pumps blood, then software represents the countless number of that blood cells and provide the livelyhood of the world economic body,Who can provide if it not in IT Professionals? In most cases choice of solutions is only the first step.Then the software needs to be integrated with existing systems & critical data trasferred ,while ensuring security,performance and reliability

Offering customers a partnership model in which the service provider is not just follwoing the project specifications,but is also involved in solving the customer business challanges in the most direct way,and sharing in the success and the risks.The client,whose focus is on its core business ,cannot and should not,burdened with staying current of all technology breakthroughs,Rather miss out on these important developments the customer has the option of relying on externalexpertise.Who can help?Again its a proven technology and business partner.

Our Work Ethics


Effective Communication

We communicate with the customer as a single cross-functional team with common goals and objectives. Our clients have the advantage of daily meetings with the team, during which we give demo presentations, discuss current project status and assess priorities.

We provide complete project transparency, extended business hours and local sales representatives available for immediate assistance in North America,USA,Japan,Middle East(specially Kuwait) & India.

We enable detailed elaboration of our customers’ business ideas in order to help them set realistic expectations around timescales and budget.

Our Record

We foster the highest ethical standards and a commitment to compliance with Indian. laws and policy.

  • Techhover Infotech is founded as a computer-aided innovation software company
  • Techhover Infotech matures as an exclusive software development partner of Invention Machine Corporation (now part of IHS), creating solutions and products that power 10% of small scale industries.
  • Techhover Infotech

    becomes Kaspersky Core Supplier for Technical Services and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • We reached upto 1000 client in this year .
  • In this year we come up with two different divisons oe is solely for software while other is for Digital Marketing/Webdevelopment/Hosting/Domain Registration
  • Branch Expansion is in full swing,Our new branches introduced in Tokyo(Japan) & Lucknow(India)