Loyalty Technologies

Helping Turn Your Customers into Fans

Customer loyalty is fundamental to any business strategy. Research shows that loyalty programs impact purchasing decisions of approximately 80 percent of participating consumers. Especially in industries like retail and travel & hospitality, loyalty programs can help combat the commoditization that is occurring on many levels, with differentiation based on location, selection or price being increasingly difficult to achieve. .

In addition to being a good way to stand out from an ever-growing crowd, loyalty programs help implement a more effective continuum of customer engagement. Along with other tools such as price optimization, customer analytics and multichannel campaign management, retailers and other businesses can better understand and best serve the needs of their customers by engaging them in a conversation, listening, finding out what they want, and getting it for them.
A successful loyalty technology solution must work in conjunction with other systems to provide functionality for customer intelligence and effective marketing communication, so that the business can direct the right marketing effort at the right customers at the right time. Along with BI and analytics tools for effective segmentation, this will require a powerful campaign management platform capable of reaching out to multiple audiences via a variety of channels (both mature and new, e.g. social media) and capturing customer feedback, providing the marketer with a comprehensive view of promotion and response history. In addition, such a platform will require a reporting engine to be able to track and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. •Our Web development team wields the newest and most reliable technologies for building custom websites – including PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Yii, AJAX, Java, SQL, ASP.NET.

How We Can Help

specialist provider

Specialist Provider

We are specialist provider of custom solutions in the loyalty and multichannel digital marketing space, possessing both the domain expertise and the deep technical understanding of the unique requirements of loyalty and multichannel marketing software systems.
Our experience ranges from a greenfield implementation of a comprehensive loyalty program for the world’s second largest railroad carrier to being chosen as a strategic technology partner by one of the world’s most innovative cross-channel marketing software vendors.
We can help you leverage best-of-breed technologies to support all aspects of your loyalty marketing. Our experts can select, design, integrate, customize or build all the necessary components of an effective loyalty platform: ⚫Specialized database to store and manage program information, with data structures optimized for fast and reliable processing
⚫Member profile management
⚫Data feeds for transactions and integration with external systems
⚫Web services layer for real-time integration
⚫Support for program website and service functions (call centers, IVR, etc.)
⚫Integration with marketing software(customer intelligence, campaign management, traditional and social media channels, cross-channel orchestration, etc.)
⚫First Line will assist your marketing and IT leaders in implementing the optimal technological environment to derive maximum value from your loyalty initiatives.